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DARLINGTON, S.C. – Students at the Darlington County Intervention School (DCIS) recently took advantage of an opportunity to study music and drumming under teaching artist Bhakti Larry Hough.  The students were able to work with Hough for an entire week, leading up to a finale performance at the school.  Hough’s residency at the school was made possible by a grant through ARTS ACCESS SOUTH CAROLINA, a statewide nonprofit that partners with the S.C. Arts Commission.  According to ARTS ACCESS SOUTH CAROLINA’s website, “Hough is an accomplished and versatile cultural, creative and mass media artist with extensive experience in the creation, development, management and execution of communications, mass media, and artistic performance endeavors, projects and entities. As a performing artist, he is a contemporary jazz and gospel singer/songwriter, band/choir leader, recording artist, and published poet. Mr. Hough is currently president and artist-in-residence at NewWorld Arts, program director at WLGI-FM (Radio Baha'i) in Hemingway, SC.”
Posted by travis.spears  On Jun 04, 2018 at 1:12 PM
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